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Terms of service

and RIVER Katsuura is a rental villa.
There is no staff on site,
Please understand that we cannot provide the same service as a hotel.
Please make a reservation.


・お支払い完了後48時間以内 : 全額返金
・48時間以降〜7日前 : 宿泊料金の50%
・6日前〜前日: 宿泊料金の75%
​・当日 : 宿泊料金の100%
・連絡なしの不泊 : 宿泊料金の100%




■ About the use of facilities

It cannot be used only by customers under the age of 18. (If you are under 20 years old, please use with the consent of your guardian)
Feel free to use all the facilities and equipment in the facility. When you have finished using it, return it to its original position.
No shoes are allowed on the guest rooms and terrace.
Please take off your shoes at the entrance, use slippers indoors, and use your own sandals on the terrace.

All areas of the facility are non-smoking (including e-cigarettes). Please refrain from smoking by turning the ventilation fan in the kitchen. For stains such as burning due to smoking, we may charge a cleaning fee, so please be sure to follow the rules.

Please refrain from using incense sticks (including mosquito coils) that have a strong scent in the guest room.

Please be sure to wear a bathing suit when using the open-air bath or sauna.
Please refrain from taking out towels, tableware, and home appliances. Thank you for your cooperation.

There are dangerous places in the facility for small children and pets, so please be careful not to take your eyes off.
In addition, we are not responsible for any accidents, troubles or injuries at this facility.

If the building or ancillary equipment is damaged during your stay, we will charge the repair cost at the actual cost.
Thank you for your understanding.

Only the guests who applied at the time of booking can enter the room even if it is a day trip. Please be sure to let us know before check-in if the number of people changes. As soon as we confirm the entry of non-guests without permission, we will charge you the same amount as the accommodation fee you have already paid.

Since our facility is located in a place rich in nature, there are many insects.
We have prepared insect repellent sprays, etc., but we appreciate your understanding.
We are not responsible for insect bites.

We have set a quiet time from 21:00 to 7:00.
Please be careful not to play loud music or talk in a loud voice as it will be a nuisance to the neighbors.

To prevent fire, the use of fireworks and other firearms is prohibited.
If there is damage due to firearm, we will charge the repair cost at the actual cost.
Thank you for your understanding.

We are not responsible for any troubles with neighboring residents.
Please note that you may be asked to leave the room if there is a complaint or report from a neighbor.

Please note that if you do not contact us by the day after check-out, we will dispose of your lost items.

■ About accompanying pets

If you are traveling with pets, please contact us in advance.
The type of pet is dogs only (up to medium-sized dogs), and the condition is that you have good discipline such as toilet training and that you have been vaccinated with vaccines.
In addition, pets are allowed only in the cage in the guest room.
Please do not take it out of the cage.

If your pet is soiled in the toilet, etc., we will charge an additional cleaning fee (10,000 yen separately) in addition to the pet cleaning fee.
* Pet toilets and gauges are not available.
Please prepare by yourself.

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